Nature Connected and Soul Directed

quote One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken.”

-Leo Tolstoy

Connecting Humans to Nature

  • Nature is more than the outside world.
  • It is in you, of you, around you.
  • It is physical, neurological, emotional, spiritual, and biological.
  • It is both prosaic and profound.
  • Nature provides our only home—nourishes us body and soul.
  • It our greatest teacher.

Building Community and Careers

At Earth-Based Institute (EBI), we believe individuals have a unique purpose driven by their connection to nature.
Devoted to improving human lives, careers, communities, and businesses, EBI is focused on teaching and learning nature connectedness. Professional instructors and students come together in an experiential learning environment to work toward a future where we live in harmony with nature.


Grow your passion into a meaningful career


Founded 2004

Boulder, Colorado, USA


EBI provides:

Certification programs are low residency, allowing participants to continue working
while earning certification.